With a brand new decor, the Lobby Bar welcomes you from 10am to midnight. Sleek lined and minimalist decoration gives the place a pleasant atmosphere that lends itself to conviviality and confidence. You can relax and quench your thirst, in informal surroundings...weather permitting you can also enjoy the calm of a drink on the terrace.


Discover D‑Vine, the first wine-by-the-glass connected sommelier machine that aerates and brings the wine poured from your bottle to the ideal serving temperature within a few moments. Experience this original machine that prepares your wine to its optimum best, tested and approved by enthusiasts, connoisseurs and professionals.

10-Vins is a company based in Nantes, which was founded by three friends who were united by the same passion for wine. During an oenological trip, the idea was launched… A few years later in 2012, they decided to begin the story of 10-Vins around the tri-dimensional idea of - Discovering the vineyards - sharing a passion - and getting that optimal serving condition…

The Lobby bar is open from 10am to midnight.