Situated right in the heart of the Ile de Nantes, the Seven Urban Suites hotel establishment is the perfect base for an escapade or a professional stay. If you feel like taking a stroll, you will have a lot to choose from. The Seven Urban Suites is close to everything. Starting with some of the city’s best addresses...


Throughout the year, Nantes offers visits from the most classic to the most unusual... between its vast former historical heritage to its cultural identity of today, be curious and let yourself be guided by what it has to offer!

Where can you eat in Nantes?

In Nantes the cooking is gourmet and inventive.

Whether you are maybe looking for an exclusive restaurant, a wine bar or a typical French bistro? Look no further, here is a selection of some of our favourite eating addresses in the city.


A selection of events to not miss!!


If you want to wander around the shops in the centre of Nantes, you might as well take advantage of the pedestrian streets that are perfectly served by the city’s public transport network. Nantes has all the fashionable brands for your shopping needs: fashion, home-brands, decoration, leisure and culture... So let's go shopping - smart and chic!