The Bé2M is a Nantes wine bar and restaurant, situated on Rue Fouré, where a welcoming lay-out, good quality products, fine wines and cuisine complement one another. This area was the ‘belly of Nantes’ which contained the former Wholesale Market. The Bé2M has kept most of this legacy to offer you a style of cuisine using seasonal, fresh market products selected by the owner and chef sommelier of the restaurant, Mathieu, who tours France to meet the producers and brings back fine products to serve on your plate and pour in your glass

However, products are not everything since our job is to prepare them in a way that does justice to the quality of the produce. The chef’s cuisine is bold and spontaneous. Something unexpected will always spring out from the corner of your plate, sometimes through spices and sometimes through a bold combination of flavours. And just like for our wine, our style of cooking is determined by three essential components: the pleasure of eating, refinement and freshness.

OPENING TIMES: Open every day from 6pm to 1am


32bis rue Fouré | 44000 Nantes | Telephone number +33 (0)9 80 77 61 72 | []