Once upon a time there were Alexandre and Jeremy, two lovers of good, simple and effective homemade cooking (a nice stew, a homemade country terrine pâté or a hot creamy chocolate cake, for example).

Two food lovers who were constantly looking round for that restaurant where you could get a nice piece of steak with some homemade fries and a great sauce….Two passionate people looking for a place that they didn’t think still existed, a place where each object had its own story or link with the past, a place that had that 'gather-round-the-fire-and- listen-to-grandpa’s-stories ' atmosphere... Well, our two friends have recreated this countryside atmosphere from the past to create a typical restaurant of yesteryear while also combining it with a hint of a present day bistro.

To sum up, it’s the story of two grandsons who like to eat and to eat well, creating their own restaurant, combining the old and the new, to have the feel-good factor, so you can eat as if you had been invited into someone’s home: simply put - to eat well!!

OPENING TIMES: open from Tuesday to Sunday lunchtime


1 quai Turenne | 44000 Nantes | Telephone number. +33 (0)2 40 47 34 54 | papy-mougeot.com [http://www.papy-mougeot.com]